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Camp Bliss.. Bali Part 3!

This post is full of memories. Half way through collecting the images for it I realised that I hadn't included any of the pictures that I had been snapping on my phone and sharing on instagram. Instead of separating them to another post I thought it might be an idea to include them in this album creating a more fluid experience of how Bali more than thoroughly charmed me and claimed a special place in my heart. So this post is a mix of phone and camera memory catching.

It's been 5 full months since I left and the impression it's people and the new friends I made has not faded. I often wonder about what's holding me back from buying another plane ticket and heading out tomorrow... The only other place in the world I feel connected to on this level is Kenya, the wild nature, calling of birds and insects, blue skies, colours, warm air, sweet breezes with a hint of salt all remind me of a home I grew up in. 

The view from our kitchen
Amanda and Chrissie in pretty dresses
The lounge
Our sweet little pool.. perfect for cooling off in the afternoons and where all my water images were created ;)
Little area outside my bedroom
Working together in the evenings.. the sweetest feeling to be surrounded by friends 

Shot of me by Lydia. Here I'm collecting flowers for a picture :)
Brilliantly silly reply from Nirrimi and the girls to an invitation from our neighbour
Alba and Matt having a sweet daddy daughter moment in a cafe one night..
Takeaway from Alchemy comes so beautifully packaged !
Alba and her mama having a sweet moment watching the ducks in the fields below
I miss and crave Alchemy nearly every day!
The road to our villa..
Chrissie shooting Steph
Chrissie and Claire
Our little scooter girl gang :)
The day Bahli came to us
Rainy day life..
Sweet Savannah
Beautiful necklaces handmade and gifted to us by talented Claire!
Live long lasagna at Clear Cafe... mmm...
Beautiful Kelsey
Heidi and a little bird friend :)
Chrissie rocking her inner genie

One afternoon we visited an orphan centre and enjoyed assisting and talking to the kids in a couple of the classes. 
Amazing artist!
Our neighbour's super cute kids!
One morning we invited girls from Bali to join us for a mini photosess through facebook and instagram. 
More from this set coming soon! 
Ubud wanderings with Claire and Lydia
I miss these beautiful girls..
The markets..
Too much choice!
So.... one day I was approached by a bunch of Japanese tourists who all wanted to have a photo taken with me ! So surreal.. the funny thing is that when I was in Japan this used to happen to me quite frequently too! Perhaps I have a doppelganger out there?
Group shot!
I'd babysit Lilly now and then and couldn't help but grab tons of photos of her sweet face !
Outtakes from my shoot with Heidi :)
In the last week of our stay Amanda and I decided we wanted to climb a volcano. So one we night left and drove for several hours through the darkest of dark, past sleeping dogs and dreams until we reached a secluded area in the middle of nowhere. There we were introduced to our guide, 16 year old Wayan and walked steadily uphill for about 3 to 4 hours reaching the top just as the sun began to peek through the clouds exposing the landscape around us..
Mount Agung
Lovely Wayan
A beautiful family of monkeys :)
This beautiful girl is definitely part mountain goat! Climbing the entire route, over rocks, gravel, moss and anything else you can name in a pair of light sandals ! 
Onion farming
Creative mornings at the villa 

Raw pasta :)
An incredibly ornate door to a family compound
More raw food and gifts
Indulging in massages followed by rose petal baths... bliss!
Last dinner as a gang
Outtakes from my shoot with Dominique
Dom and her Lilly
Outtake of Nirrimi
Thank you Bali and my beautiful Camp Bliss family for an incredible month of love, learning and growth. I miss you all and can't wait to see you again!