Malley and his keeper

This is my best friend's cat. He's so friendly and joined in on the spontaneous photo shoot I had with Kirsten. So much fun :D

These photos were taken in the last days of summer. It was a lovely balmy afternoon and we were just hanging out in her garden. I always try to have my camera close to me as you never know what you can capture. In these photos I think I was just trying to capture the sheer beauty of K.. something she will completely disagree with :)

I want her boots!


Long way from home series..

These were taken just nearly a month ago now. Autumn was just beginning to tease the green leaves into submission and I had the opportunity to work with not one but two gorgeous girls!

It was an interesting shoot, not least because it really was a case of 3 girls trudging through fields with a lovely black (and incredibly docile) horse but because I really had no idea how allergic I was to horse hair! It was a painful lesson to learn but once I went through the photos I had to admit that it was totally worth it. I'm still learning about the art of a good photo. I guess it really is a matter of try and try again. One day I will get there :)

Sorry, it's a bit of a photo spurge.. (which is precisely why I got a blog!)

Cam and her horse :)


An outtake :)

Today was an interesting day. For the last few days I've been pressed to get 6 hours sleep and last night took the biscuit. I was up until 4.30am getting some work done and after finally drifting off to sleep was rudely awakened at 8.30am by my alarm and let me tell you.. it was painful. For some reason creativity and work drive shifts into gear after 12am. What on earth is WRONG with me?!

This shot was taken against a beautiful autumnal evident wall in my university car park. I got some very strange looks whilst I was taking this.. I think I'm getting used to making a public spectacle of myself. Is that a good thing?


Mon & Zulu

Ooh this is exciting.. my first post. I'm not sure how good I'll be at this or how long it will last... but like most things, I'll take this one step (or post!) at a time :)

The best thing about it is that I get to post loads of photos at a time (woo!)

Anyway a few weeks a go a friend approached me for a mini photo shoot of her cat. Being the random loving friend that I am I promptly took over, put her in a mini dress, shoved an umbrella in her hand and asked her to take the cat for a "walk". In all honesty we didn't really have much control.. don't let its size fool you. That little kitty took us for a walk instead :)

So cute!!