behind the scenes: rose garden meetup/ shoot

Happy music to kickstart the day ^_^

Approximately two weeks ago the girls and I got together for one of our now regular get togethers. This time it was in an absolutely stunning rose garden in the middle of nowhere and the whole thing was kindly organised by the very charming Hannah.

So from left to right is: Twig, Sarah, Hannah, Nizaad and I

The weather that day was all over the place, from moments of sunshine to cloudy spells but thankfully it was warm and didn't rain. We'd literally just come out of like 6 weeks of nothing but rain so we were all so happy that we'd picked a good day!

Hannah having her go with Twig among the rows of roses..

Me shooting Sarah, shooting Hannah, shooting Twig.. 

Can't forget to include lovely Niz!

Sarah and Niz lending me their hands with my butterfly shot..

I love this one! Hannah braving the sharp thorns for the shot!

I love our group shots ^_^

It was Twig's birthday in a few days so we brought cakes and little treats to celebrate!

Nom nom..

Lots of love going on here!

Just a small collection !

Taken just before we left. None of us wanted to leave that floral rainbow landscape..