Rory & Jody

I've known Rory for several years now. We met in our first year of university. I was in the architecture course and he in the interior architecture department but because both subjects were so closely linked everyone more or less knew each other. I knew about Jody then but as things would have it somehow with all the madness we'd never met. Years later we both got our masters and he was keeping me up to date with life and Jody, whom somehow I'd still hadn't met but felt like I'd known her for years! When Rory told me about the proposal I was literally doing the happy dance. I was so happy for them!

When I met Jody for the first time on her wedding day it was like finally meeting an old friend. It was that simple. Jody, if you're reading this let me tell you that you are amazing and you looked so beautiful!

Shooting a friend's wedding was a first for me and I admit I was a little nervous but really excited too. It was also the first wedding I've actually been invited to! Here's their invitation, look how cute it is! 

They had both decided that they wanted a small and intimate wedding with just close family and friends, and when the big day rolled round, it was the perfect summer's day (which if you live in England you would know just how rare that is!) oh the location was Stunning! With a capital S.

Rory and Jody make a wonderful couple and just seeing how thoughtful and considerate they are with each other you just know these guys will go the distance. 

On a side note I have to admit I had a little bit of self inflicted drama on the way there. Let's just say I won't be getting the RSVP and the venue addresses mixed up ever EVER again! Phew.. Thankfully it was a happy ending as fortunately I'd left super early and somehow got there on time (and in one piece). Lesson learnt!

So here are the photos! It was a happy day filled with fun, tears, laughter, peacock chasing, badminton playing, impromptu dancing and so much more!

But first, feed the cat, water the dog, get in your pjs, get comfortable.. yep it's a long 'un  :)

Soon after the wedding, the happy couple packed up, honeymooned and moved to start a new chapter of their lives in Australia! 


  1. Bella, those were really good shot! Am very proud of you!

  2. Bells I love these so much and thank you for your wonderful kind words! x

  3. OMG! Bella, these are all so beautiful, but i seem to be particularly fond of the peacock closeup. :D What would we do without macro!?!