Lydia and Chris Wedding

Lydia and Chris got married an hour north of Malaga deep in the Spanish countryside surrounded by friends and family who'd traveled to be there from all parts of the world. It was in Spain where Chris proposed to Lydia as this place holds dear memories for the two of them.

This was my first wedding of the summer and on top of that it was also my first destination wedding and I couldn't have had more fun. I've never seen a happier family.

Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your big day.

Feel free to check out more photos on my facebook page :)


Vinyl love..

Sitting in the garden with some green tea and I can’t help smiling as I flick through and select photos from the weekend. There was a conceptual band shoot on Saturday and on Sunday I traveled into the English countryside to shoot a family portrait session (more on that laters).

I had the pleasure of shooting a Brighton based band called Heavy Dials. They contacted me through a mutual contact whose collection I shot last year and whose wedding I had the honour of shooting in Spain earlier this year. It’s amazing how effective word of mouth is, it’s how I’ve gotten the majority of my jobs and opportunities! What can I say I’ve been fortunate to have some amazing clients :)

Anyhoo we shot the images in Stanmer Park, Brighton (haha any day that I get to shoot amongst trees and moss is a good day!). There were 3 band members, 2 assistants, a dog, me and a TON of props ranging from chairs to a keyboard, a cello and even a giant glass bottle (heavy!). This is just one of the 400 and something photos we took on Saturday. The entire shoot took just over a couple of hours as a lot of the prep was done prior to and earlier that day. We’d already planned out the photos that we wanted to take so everyone knew (generally speaking) what was required for each shot. We did leave room for some randomness and I think in the end we completed 6 scenes and each one is so special because it really was a group effort.

Since I can’t share the photos for a while here’s a couple of behind the scenes shots :)

Photos by John Dryden