Iain Crawford is a beauty and fashion photographer based in London. His images are beyond beautiful. Enjoy :)


my other world..

I was asked to asked to write a few words of my course and experience for the university website. Here's the link if anyone's interested in seeing a glimpse into my other world ;)


dancing inside..

I finally have a website!!! It's designed and created by me through wix.com (would definitely recommend). Let me know what you think!

This shot was taken in the summer in Brighton. We just don't get enough hot sunny days in this country! I had a great team and I think we all thoroughly enjoyed paddling about in the sea :D I definitely get a lot more excited about working with other people than I used to. It's when you find a dynamic that works and you're all inspiring each other and then the magic happens :)


Print exchange fun!

Pipo and I decided to do a print exchange. I had no idea how happy and excited I would get when his card came through the post! Thanks Pipo, you made my day! :)

Check out his stream. He's one talented guy - SuperPipo2010


It's shamelessly out of focus but I don't care. It's a happy pic :)

Hope you all have a wonderful week! x


Something I wanted to share..

So in order to escape from the chains of being back at uni and swallowed by the world of 'Masters in Architecture' (so painful..), a friend and I have started a tumblr! As we already used to send each other lots of little things that both interested and amused us we figured why not share our funny little tastes with the rest of the world :)

So check it out, enjoy and of course, here's the link.. http://spyowls.tumblr.com/

And now enough procrastinating and back to work!


The Amazing Li Wei..

XuanXuan 8

Li Wei is an artist from Beijing, China. His work is a mixture of performance art and photography. He says that it is not the result of computer montages but rather he creates this gravity defying poses through the use of props such as mirrors, metal wires and scaffolding. Such a cool dude!

Balloons 2

Life at the high place 2

Love meets 22m

Life at the high place 1

Love at the high place 1

Love at the high place 1

Love at the high place 1

29 levels of freedom

Liwei falls to the Earth

More of his inspirational work on his website - http://www.liweiart.com/


Pet Cloud..

An example of imagination and execution.. I love stuff like this :)

Pet Cloud - Michael Casker


live free..

Location: Ovingdean, Brighton
Model: Megan Waters
Styling: Vicky Smith
Make-up and Hair Stylist: Lydia Pankhurst
Photography: Me


sweet light..

A delayed post. This was an outtake shot from a shoot I did a few weeks ago with a lovely team for an online boutique that will be launched soon. Once that's up and going I'll be able to upload the rest of the shots which I'm very excited about!


Jodphur- the blue city

And this was our final leg of the trip. We'd done Udaipur and Jaisalmer but I think it was Jodphur that stole our hearts.

Mehrangarh Fort
Hmm.. ;)
This actually felt like a very Tim Walker scene to me!
Such a beautiful child!
Her siblings were adorable too!
Kids playing marbles..
This poor child.
Watching a master at work..
We visited some Bishnoi villages on the outskirts of Jodphur. This man is filtering opium..
His wife was making us millet chapattis.
Carpet makers Roopraj durries.
Some lovely colourful ladies..
Camels posing for the camera!
The end!