dark whispers..

I’m back from my week’s break in Frankfurt. It was wonderful and exactly what I needed. I’ll update more thoroughly on that later.

Lately I’ve found myself becoming completely fascinated by strange shapes discovered in geometry. I’ve begun applying what was initially a playful experimentation into something that was more deliberate and carefully applied. All of a sudden everything becomes exaggerated, from the headpiece to her expression to her arms that frame the picture. There’s an intensity that I didn’t see before.

This is an image from a new collection that I’ll upload soon. The rest of the images are ‘normal’ in comparison :)


summer's child..

Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of shooting a friend of mine. We'd been talking of doing something and finally one golden evening we pulled on our wellies and ventured off to play in the Oxfordshire countryside. 



One photo.. 3 edits

This sometimes happens to me. I take a photo and when it comes to editing I realise that it can go in directions that I may not have initially intended. That realisation and this unexpectedness is what makes me love what I do so much. Personal work for me an outlet to be more experimental and playful. I had planned the image above. The images below I hadn't and in this case were happy accidents. All are mine and I wanted to share what happens occasionally.  

Scroll down to see a step by step instruction to how I created the image above ^^

I absolutely love the way the girl fades the closer she gets to the sky. So much so that I wanted to bring her closer.. 


Ok! Here we go. This is a step by step of the first image. I went back and took some screenshots to give you an idea as to how I work and my editing process for this particular image. I hope you find it useful and before we being I want to apologise for my incredibly artistic messy handwriting :)


Here's the original. I shot this with my 50mm f.18.

So the first thing I always do is create a square crop that would work for the composition I would like. 

Using the crop tool I extended the frame, in this case to continue the road til the corners..

Road extended, check. Adding the stool, to create the illusion of a floating stool I took a separate image holding it where I wanted it.  

As you can also see from the side there I work using layer masks instead of the erase tool. If there was one thing I couldn't work without in Photoshop it would be layer masks. I barely use the erase tool and this allows me to not only blend seamlessly but also to be able to correct any over enthusiastic erasing. 

I then duplicated the layer with the sitting girl and navigated her to where I wanted her so that both images make sense.

And that's it we're done! Haha :P

Another thing which I would recommend and in most cases I do this is to take an 'empty' photo. That way when it comes to adding and erasing elements it's A LOT easier. I actually didn't remember to grab this shot so had to make my own empty photo combining other photos that I took. Just shows that if you don't get it's not the end of the world. Instead of one minute it'll take you 5. 

So now I have the basic image but there's more..

The light was fading when I finally managed to light the smoke pellets. 

Blended into the scene using layer masks! 

New layer > Stamp visible (Cmd + Alt + Shift + E) > B/W

Combination of experimenting with curves, colour balance and brightness/contrast.

And that's about it! In total it took me a lot longer than it should have but I had fun learning and experimenting. 

I hope this helped! Let me know what you think.

 I don't mind sharing what I know and in turn if you have any suggestions for me that would be very welcome too ^_^



Rory & Jody

I've known Rory for several years now. We met in our first year of university. I was in the architecture course and he in the interior architecture department but because both subjects were so closely linked everyone more or less knew each other. I knew about Jody then but as things would have it somehow with all the madness we'd never met. Years later we both got our masters and he was keeping me up to date with life and Jody, whom somehow I'd still hadn't met but felt like I'd known her for years! When Rory told me about the proposal I was literally doing the happy dance. I was so happy for them!

When I met Jody for the first time on her wedding day it was like finally meeting an old friend. It was that simple. Jody, if you're reading this let me tell you that you are amazing and you looked so beautiful!

Shooting a friend's wedding was a first for me and I admit I was a little nervous but really excited too. It was also the first wedding I've actually been invited to! Here's their invitation, look how cute it is! 

They had both decided that they wanted a small and intimate wedding with just close family and friends, and when the big day rolled round, it was the perfect summer's day (which if you live in England you would know just how rare that is!) oh the location was Stunning! With a capital S.

Rory and Jody make a wonderful couple and just seeing how thoughtful and considerate they are with each other you just know these guys will go the distance. 

On a side note I have to admit I had a little bit of self inflicted drama on the way there. Let's just say I won't be getting the RSVP and the venue addresses mixed up ever EVER again! Phew.. Thankfully it was a happy ending as fortunately I'd left super early and somehow got there on time (and in one piece). Lesson learnt!

So here are the photos! It was a happy day filled with fun, tears, laughter, peacock chasing, badminton playing, impromptu dancing and so much more!

But first, feed the cat, water the dog, get in your pjs, get comfortable.. yep it's a long 'un  :)

Soon after the wedding, the happy couple packed up, honeymooned and moved to start a new chapter of their lives in Australia! 


Cécile & Joe

Cécile and Joe are the loveliest people you could ever hope to meet. They have 2 beautiful boys and although they were already married they decided to hold a reception party gathering their nearest and dearest making it official. Cécile approached me in May, and we met for the first time over a glass of wine to discuss the itinerary for the day and the type of photos that she was looking. I love meeting clients beforehand because by the time it comes to the big day you're both familiar with each other and it makes everything flow easier.

We shot the initial photos in Wolfson College (one of the Oxford University colleges) and later they made their way via punt to Cherwell Boat House just down the river. So here are some photos of the gorgeous couple and their fabulous guests!

For the day I had 3 lenses that I used. My 50mm f1.8, 17-85mm and the 70-200mm. The 70-200mm let's me disappear into the background while still letting me capture intimate moments. It's one of my favourite lenses when it comes to weddings and events.. although as much as I love it, it comes second place to the 85mm 1.2. Now that lens makes me drool.. mmm... ok ok back to the photos!

 Cécile's sister played the violin.. gotta admit it had us all nearly in tears. It was beautiful.

All in all it was a beautiful day and Cécile and Joe thank you both so much for allowing me to be a part of it.