Spirit Dweller

This story is one of my favourites and I can't quite believe that it's only now that I'm getting around to telling it's story. 

I shot this series a couple of years ago in the last days of a beautifully hot English summer (believe it or not, now and then England gets some sun!) Lydia and I had talked about a tribal-themed-colour-filled story for quite some time and decided that it needed to happen fairly quickly before the summer ended. We sourced the garments, got Negar from Queen of the Wild on board and some beautiful pieces by Vinki Li. After tossing ideas about hair and makeup we confirmed two lovely models and the result is this set! 

The location turned out to be a bit of a gamble as neither of us had the opportunity to visit it before the shoot day. We rocked up on the day all nervous about what would be waiting for us and I remember my heart skipping a beat when I saw all the lush green and large leaves.. I still can't quite believe how beautifully everything tied together. 

This series was published in Xquisit Mag in their Festival issue :)

Photography by Bella Kotak
Hair & Makeup by Lydia Pankhurst
Styling by Negar Bahardoust
Models are Ieva from PRM London & Jessica from Bareface 

+ Scroll down for the behind the scenes video :)


Both models were absolutely charming to work with and although we didn't know each other before that morning, by the end of the day we were all friends. The whole team was happy and energetic through the day despite the cooler temperatures. Everybody was very hands on, helping with setting up and throwing ideas. I enjoy working in small teams because I find it usually brings out best in everyone. The relaxed environment with music in the background allowed everyone to stay energised and stay in the mood of the shoot.



  1. Aw can't see the video :( regardless The shots are so beautiful and blissful! :)

    1. Oh no what a shame! Does it give you a reason?

  2. Hello i love these photos looks like you didnt use flash at all and what cam did you use