Bali Part Two..

Here's part two of my Bali trip! At the end of the second week of November we welcomed new arrivals Claire, Heidi, Bekha and Michelle and Jareth! And it was definitely a situation of the more the merrier :)

Outtakes from my little photosess with Chrissie

It rained most days either in the mornings or afternoon. The storms were a welcome relief from the sticky heat.
Managed to catch this beautiful parade as they passed our villa
Jess and I ^_^
The little boy in the middle took a photo of me on his phone.. 
Steph & Jake 
Steph swimming in a pool of flowers
Sweet Alba
Meli the mermaid..
A rather charming music man
Hahaha Lilly's expressions !
Claire giving Lydia a fringe
Savannah and little Bahli on the first day we took him in

The girls :)
The cutest couple
Photo days

Part 3 coming later this week :)