Long way from home series..

These were taken just nearly a month ago now. Autumn was just beginning to tease the green leaves into submission and I had the opportunity to work with not one but two gorgeous girls!

It was an interesting shoot, not least because it really was a case of 3 girls trudging through fields with a lovely black (and incredibly docile) horse but because I really had no idea how allergic I was to horse hair! It was a painful lesson to learn but once I went through the photos I had to admit that it was totally worth it. I'm still learning about the art of a good photo. I guess it really is a matter of try and try again. One day I will get there :)

Sorry, it's a bit of a photo spurge.. (which is precisely why I got a blog!)

Cam and her horse :)

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  1. And now it's autumn once again :) These are lovely, I love the models clothes! And the horse is really cute!! I wish I had a horse haha! Wonderful shots, love the sunlight :)