Mon & Zulu

Ooh this is exciting.. my first post. I'm not sure how good I'll be at this or how long it will last... but like most things, I'll take this one step (or post!) at a time :)

The best thing about it is that I get to post loads of photos at a time (woo!)

Anyway a few weeks a go a friend approached me for a mini photo shoot of her cat. Being the random loving friend that I am I promptly took over, put her in a mini dress, shoved an umbrella in her hand and asked her to take the cat for a "walk". In all honesty we didn't really have much control.. don't let its size fool you. That little kitty took us for a walk instead :)

So cute!!


  1. Hi I came here from your flickr link, I love love your photography and am excited about your new blog. :)

    That cat is adorable, this is already one of my fav blogs now: cats, summer, photoshoot, awesome.

  2. hey!! u ve been doing wonders on flickr...i m exctd abt ur blog...brilliant work !!