what's your passion?

Can’t believe it’s been a year since this photo! It’s funny how 2011 has thrown a lot of different photography work my way (despite all the uni stress). I’ve shot architectural photos for a company in Birmingham, been flown to cover a wedding in Spain, organised some personal shoots that I will show soon and later in the month I’ll be shooting promotional photos for a band in Brighton and have a couple more weddings lined up..phew! It’s all fun and experience. Wedding are a big deal, each time I come away feeling humbled that the couple picked me to record possibly the biggest day of their lives to date! These people that place their trust in my vision give me the confidence to push myself harder and to believe in myself that little bit more.

Photography for me was there ever since I was a child, as the oldest of three my Dad would entrust me with with the camera (and actually who would blame him, I have two younger brothers and I still don’t trust them with my camera!) I think because no one else in our family would really use it or record anything at some point I became obsessed with taking pictures, I think I was about 8. Suddenly I realised that in the 8 years I was alive there were only 2 albums that summed up our lives and all the memories and stories outside the photos in those albums had slipped away.

I guess since then I’ve nearly always had a camera on me, to be honest most of the photos don’t get seen by anyone else but me but that’s ok. Photography for me particularly after I bought a dSLR, opened up a world where I meet people and through that there are more opportunities. I’m a yes person. I’ll always say yes to every thing that comes my way. Right now I’m at a cross roads but I know that whatever I choose for whatever reason, photography for me isn’t going to go away any time soon and that’s kinda comforting.

So I’m curious, what’s your passion? What interest has always been there in your life?


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