an autumn meet up..

The lovely Sevgi is the model for this photo. This image was taken in October last year. God that seems a long time ago. I came across it whilst going through my albums and couldn't believe that I hadn't put it together. Doesn't she look ethereal. While I was at it I realised that I never shared the meet up we had in Hampstead Heath that day so long ago. So here it is!

I remember it was an unseasonably warm afternoon when I joined Sarah, Nizaad and Sevgi in London for a woodland ramble. We'd all met earlier in the summer when the girls visited Brighton so this time it was like meeting old friends again. We wandered deep into the woods on a ground covered with all the hues of orange until we came across this secluded and magical spot. 

I didn't have any idea what type of image I wanted to make. All I had were the few pieces I'd brought with me and the use of everyone else's props and ideas.

As you can see we take photography so very seriously(!) 


In any case here are a few images I caught during that afternoon. 

The great thing about these meetups is that all 4 of us take self portraits so already we have that awareness of being both in front of and behind the camera . We're happy to share what we know and help each other to take better pictures, like suggesting different compositions and convincing Sev to climb that tree because the light was very pretty..

I've put links at the bottom, check out the images that the girls have uploaded from this meetup both on flickr and facebook.

Sarah in a tree and Niz photographing a submerged Sev..

Sev and Sarah

Here are 3 other self portraits I took that day with the girls.. 

And finally.. group shot! :)

Flickr links! 


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