Thank you!

I hit over 1000 followers on my facebook page earlier today and to say that I am happy would be an understatement. It always humbles me when people deem my work worthy of a follow, leave me positive comments and go to the extra effort to send me an email or message. You're the reason I have the courage to put myself out there. (Haha cheesy I know but it's true!)

I take pictures because I love it. I don't remember a time when I haven't taken photos. From using my dad's old film Kodak to saving up and purchasing my first dSLR, I've constantly been fascinated. I used to paint on canvas and now I paint in my photos immersing myself and my subjects in a world of emotion and colour. It's personal and there's always a feeling of excitement plus a little scary when I upload a new picture. But somehow it's always ok in the end.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is THANK YOU to all of you guys whoever and wherever you are, for supporting me. If I could photograph every single one of you I would! It would be my pleasure.

To repay your support I'll be outlining a big print giveaway tomorrow. To be eligible for a chance to win any of the prices you'll have to be a follower on my page - here

Until then, thank you and goodnight! 



  1. I love the rainbow effect you have on the blog photo. It is just beautiful

  2. Your work has opened doors for me that I never would have dared to venture through before. Your self-portraiture, your stunning use of light, your obvious talent... all have brought me so much joy and inspiration! My own journey into photography and self-portraiture has been a richer and deeper experience because of your work.

    Thank you, as always for sharing what you do... the world is a far more beautiful place because of your heart!

  3. Bella,
    You're an amazingly talented person! Actually you were the reason why I started to go to the next level with my photography :)
    I've been following your work from the beginning and I will continue to do that! Your work take me in a mental journey to s beautiful magical place :)
    Keep up the good work.

    Reem xx