Oxford Meetup..

Three weekends ago Sev, Sarah, Niz and Gina arrived in my little town for our monthly meetup. 

The location this time was Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxford. If you live in England then I would definitely recommend a day trip out to visit it. It is so stunning and every time I go back I discover new locations and fall in love with it all over again.

That particular weekend we got lucky as there was still some left over snow from the weekend before which added to the atmosphere and magic of that location. By the end of the day we noticed the snow melting and by the next day there was hardly any left at all.

I know I say this often but I genuinely mean it, I LOVE our meetups. It's a chance to catch up, experiment and enjoy the company of crazy likeminded individuals. I do realise that if it wasn't for the internet I might never have met these girls. So thank you Flickr for bringing us together!

We arrived just after midday and after a little photo session against a gorgeous view we followed the path from the main entrance round the palace and deeper into the landscape. Here are a few behind the scenes photos and random snaps I grabbed that afternoon.

Some geese.

Gina with her lovely red coat.

The beautiful Niz

Niz setting up the scene with Sarah..

It was absolutely freezing that day but like troopers everyone pushed through!

Gina setting up her little scene.. 

 Sev with green smoke..

 Check out Gina's stream for her version of this picture. It's beautiful!

There were tripods and bits of camera equipment everywhere. It was pretty cool actually :)

Sev taking a self portrait. (Check out her stream for this picture)

 Having some flowing dress fun!

More tripods :)

Niz and Gina

 A freezing Sarah


Thank you Gina for taking these!

Sev and the girls. Taking a short break to admire the sunset..



Whoever took these, thank you I love them!

 Sarah shooting Niz and Sev..

 Lovely Gina 

On the way back we drove under a low flowing river of cloud and not being able to help ourselves we promptly doubled back and tried to capture it on camera.. as you do!

Niz took this hilarious photo! Spot the odd one out! ;)

Niz and I ^_^

And finally a group photo of us all together courtesy of Gina :)

Check out the girls' streams for their photos from that day!

And if you would be interested in joining us for the next meet up, please feel welcome to join us on Saturday the 21st of April at Hampstead Heath Park in London. Details of this can be found here.

Thank you for reading and here's a little video of random clips taken through the day :)

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