Birds of Prey shoot

Model + Creative Planner: Little Twiglet
Hair & Makeup: Siobhan Drew Makeup
Featuring: Aaron the (big) owl, Fraggle the falcon and Fred the little barn owl

Walking past rows of big beautiful owls, I felt like I'd walked through a portal and found myself contemplating which owl would be my partner in crime (and correspondence) a la Hedwig in Harry Potter. 

To be honest whole day was a surreal and enchanting dream. Everyones happy and positive energies came together creating an experience I'll never forget. For that I'll have to thank Little Twiglet for coming up with this concept (over a year ago I might add), figuring out how to execute it and for asking both Sarah and I to document it. I was deeply honoured and humbled to be a part of it. I loved every minute of it and now you can see for yourself how beautiful the location was, how the day played out  and some outtakes :)

Beautiful birds.. 

Location One
Whilst Twig was getting prepped, Sarah and I along with Gemma (the designer) took a walk about the premises to get an idea about what locations/ backdrops stood out the most and how they would work with the clothes. This little bridge, walkway with the sun streaming through was literally 2 minutes into our walk and yeah.. it blew my mind O_O..  

I think this little figure is Sarah coming through :)

Twig handling the owl like a PRO! Seriously you wouldn't even know that it was her first time.

Hahaha! The shot before this one was the one I uploaded on flickr.

Location Two
We loved the dappled light in this location and knew that the bokeh created by the leaves and light would be beautiful. Plus you know.. it felt magical..

It was Fraggle the falcon's turn to shine and I felt Twig was really great to be so calm whilst so close to him as he wasn't as docile as the owls.

The wings shot actually came about when the trainer was holding Fraggle behind Twig's back as she was straightening out her dress. I remember looking up and boom the girl had wings.

Lol she does not look fazed at all! 

Location Three
It was Sarah who spotted this beautiful tree with all its winding, creeping limbs. And it made for a perfect location to feature the little owl who stole our hearts, Fred.

He looks like he has such a mischievous little smile !

They make a cute couple ^_^

Location Four
We'd used up the hours that we had allocated for the birds and since we still had some light left we decided to go deeper and shoot at some of the locations that we'd picked out earlier.

The first was beside the river. I loved the light, tall trees and reflections I'd get from the water. 

I had brought along with me the feathery head piece I'd made a few months ago from all the feathers I'd found in my garden (I suspect the cat had something to do with it) and was glad I brought it along to this shoot as I felt it allowed the story to continue.

Location Five 
Sarah loved the long limbs of the fledging trees erupting randomly from the ground. 

This is why I loved shooting with her. We're both such nature girls :)

Group shot with Sarah, Gemma, the trainer, Twig, Siobhan and I.

All in all a very good day and I leave you with this little moment caught here.. 

I'll be releasing the final images through my facebook/ flickr so if you're interested keep an eye out :)

B xo


  1. Beautiful!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! My words are not enough to describe how in love I am with your work! I will definetly be following =) What an inspiration...

    Kiss kiss


  2. Love it! The pictures on Flickr are incredible :D