David Trumble

David Trumble is a talented artist and director who also happens to be a good friend of mine. A few months ago he commissioned me to take a series of images that reflected him and his personality to use on his website and also in his TED talk. YES that's right... TED TALK. 

For someone so young he's achieved a fair bit! I've attached the video at the bottom. It's beautifully delivered and talks about issues that I think every artist can relate to so please do check it out when you have a chance.

So, back to the session! A couple of coffees and a long country walk later, we'd outlined the images we wanted to create from the locations, to the props and to what he would wear. There were several things we wanted to incorporate such as his sketchbooks, signature red hat and the concept of duality (since David has a twin brother, Stephen). The images were taken in central Oxford and later in a field behind David's house. So.. (finally) here they are!

Stephen and David

Cheesy group shot!

And just for fun here's a dramatic outtake ^_^

David's website  and facebook page

And here's his TEDxYouth Talk - "The Journey to Indifference and Beyond"

Thanks for reading!

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  1. You have beautiful work Bella! I really like it.
    And the video of David is hilarious... "The anti-steve" Haha :P Thanks for the share. I'll have to keep up with David's work!
    Have a lovely day!