lady in the woods..

A quick series featuring the lovely Sevgi taken at the recent meetup in London.

This was such an impromptu set up. I literally grabbed Sev, spied the veil and ivy from Sarah's prop bag and placed her in the space that had the prettiest light and interesting tree features. 
I love setting up little daydreamy scenes and Sev was very patient whilst I danced about trying to make that veil reach new heights. As it so happened all around Sev were creepy thorny vines, perfect for a picture but not so perfect for my little ankles which were scrapped at mercilessly! 

Still, it was totally worth it :p

The three images all have the same colour way. I guess I just fell a little in love with the colour palette and wanted to explore it further. 

  I confess!! I couldn't resist playing with a b/w version.

Ahhh I'm so torn as to which version of this picture I like best.. which do you prefer?

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