adventures in kenya part two..

So I'm going to start this post with a link to a song that was literally everywhere while I was there ! I heard it countless times whilst I was driving about.. gotta love the feel good african vibes :) By the end of my trip I was happily singing along with everyone else :D 


During the last few days of our trip we'd decided to go on a safari in the Serengeti over 2 days and one night. We organised everything through a local tour agent.  On the morning of the excursion we were collected in the early hours by our friendly guide and so began our little adventure.

The journey took about 3 hours from Mombasa. The scenery changed pretty fast from flat land and palm trees to tall mountains and open landscapes. 

We stopped for lunch here at this beautiful half building/ half plant hotel called Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge. To be honest I felt like I stepped back in time.. wish I took photos of the inside to show you what I mean.

Checking out the local sights ^_^

First view of our accommodation for that night.. Salt Lick Game Lodge

View of the waterhole from my bedroom.. I got up several times in the night to see what animals would turn up. At one point there was a buffalo who in his haste slipped and kept falling in the water! It was so funny! I'm pretty sure I could see him looking embarrassed about it too ;)

Sunset in the middle of nowhere..


African deer and an incredible sunrise..

Ran into a family of baboons..


Hanging about the waterhole.. 

A giraffe's run is surprisingly graceful..

I see a heart every time I see this tree. Sadly this is the closest we got to the elephants.. to be honest there were hardly any animals about and the guide explained that we were witnessing the tragic effects of poaching. It makes me feel so sad and frustrated with the world.


I love this shot. There were many occasions where desperately wished that I had a 70-200mm lens or the 100-400mm lens.. the only lens I used for all of these shots were the 50m f1.4 and the 17-85mm and my Canon 450D body. Still there's always next time!

Pumbaa and friends :)

A few days later it was time to head back (to enjoy the wettest June ever!) sigh.. 

Ok so I saw these giant circular things in the Libyan desert (I know it's in the Libyan desert because I later hunted them down on google maps!) .. what on earth are they?!! My father suggested oil wells but I googled it and didn't find an explanation.. please let me know if you have an idea.. I'm really curious :p

These were all taken with my canon point and shoot.. not bad quality huh!

I loved the way the clouds were gathered up again the tall Alps.. 

Speaking of which.. I flew over the Alps on Monday having NO idea that on Friday I would be enjoying a barbecue at the foot of the Alps in South Germany. A day later I shot a very beautiful wedding (that's the next blog post!) 

Isn't it funny how life plays out?

First view of English coastline.. :) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! 


  1. Fantastic photos!! I really loved them all!

  2. Great photographs Bella !

    Those are circular farms created for center pivot irrigation. By using this technique, very less water gets wasted and crops receive maximum amount of water available. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Center_pivot_irrigation

  3. As I was going through your photos, I felt like I was actually in Kenya! These shots are so amazing!! I especially love just looking at the beautiful landscapes!

  4. I must go back!!! They're gorgeous!