adventures in kenya part one..

Back in May, I had the pleasure of accompanying my father on his business trip to Mombasa, Kenya. Now, I actually grew up in Mombasa, literally a stone's throw (or a short walk through the bushes) from the ocean. I moved to England when I was a teenager. It's strange, growing up somewhere so idyllic and so far removed from my present environment that sometimes I'd feel as though I'd made it all up and that none of it had ever happened. It had been approximately 10 years since I left and I had an incredible time rediscovering the scents and sounds of my childhood, visiting new places and my favourite bit, reconnecting with old friends all of whom welcomed me back with big smiles, warm open arms, stories and new adventures! I didn't take many pictures (considering what I'm usually like!) there were just some occasions where I felt unsafe to be using the big camera.. I don't like getting unwanted attention and it just wasn't worth it. Call me overcautious ;)

Anyway this is part 1 of 2 and it's just my way of sharing a fraction of my experiences.. 
*warning.. it's photo heavy and there's a lot of sunsets! (come on.. african sunsets are amazing.. I couldn't help myself !!)

Walking along the beach on the first morning.. after that I tried to take a walk on the beach every day.. :)

While watching these kids, I could see my brother and I as children playing away on the beach after school as we often did..

Ran into an old friend on the plane. Not gonna lie.. it was a very childish, overexcited, squealing moment ! ^_^


Candy coloured clouds during one very pink sunset! 


Camels spending their day lounging in the sun..


My view from where I used to sit reading during the mornings .. speaking of which I read Haruki Murakami's, Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, which if you haven't read I'd thoroughly recommend! I think it's my favourite of his (so far :p) 

 Driving through town.. 

Random lime green building!

Advertising everywhere! Still, I loved all the colour :)


Lighthouse, where people go to enjoy the view, make out, enjoy fresh cassava crisps, mangos and coconut juice.

View across town. It's here where you see a noticeable Portuguese architectural influence. There's a temple and a mosque amongst all the buildings. Mombasa is very multicultural. Different religions and cultures coexist happily and it's really an aspect of this town that I most admire. 

Road trip under a big sky..

 We arrived at a golf course - in the middle of nowhere - ! It's really at this point where my pictures fail to convey the sheer scale of the place, the suspense I felt when we were driving up along a lone road, going higher and higher into the hills with the land falling away on one side showcasing views of more hills and an untamed nature..miles and miles and not a building in sight. On the other ride of the road we were passing huge, beautiful houses.. homes of Kenya's most affluent. At some point we passed an airstrip catering for private planes for those coming to play golf and escape for the weekend.

A family friend's home complete with infinity pool and one hell of a view! Needless to say I did not want to leave!

  Vipingo Ridge golf course and the clubhouse (of course) is all man made.. an island in the middle of wild nothingness. 

The clubhouse designed with decidedly Moroccan influences.

View from the rooftop..


Dad and I :)

The spectacular sunset from the rooftop lounge area..

Heading out to safari! And it's another beautiful day.. 

Phewww.. sorry for the long post! Well done on making it this far though! Part 2 coming soon :)


  1. Beautifulllll! Amazing photos and write up. I was in your world for a moment :) You should be a tourist ambassador for Kenya!

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Haha I'm not sure if I'd be a good one ;)

  2. that is all so amazing! your photo, your story and you :)
    thank you for being so sweet and talented, Bella!

    1. Aww what a lovely thing to say! Thank You for being very sweet <3

  3. So great to see the post/story to go with it after seeing the pics on Facebook! The last time I went I was 3! :P

  4. I am Portuguese and I could easily find the Portuguese architecture in that picture, but wasn't expecting that haha I hope you had a great trip! I recently traveled to London, and I couldn't stop taking pictures and I still think it was not enough, and I can't wait to go back. it was my 2nd time hehe I got photos in my blog, if you are curious about it.

    Great pictures! ;)

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