Sophie & Jens Wedding

I can't believe that this is my first post of the year.. and we're already in what.. April? That's pretty shocking! Sorry guys, I will try and do my best to start updating regularly. 
I know.. I know... I always say this but I do mean it :) 

So earlier this year I had the pleasure of capturing a friend's wedding in a beautiful picturesque location in the Cotswolds. It's interesting when you're working on a job surrounded by other friends and they're all watching you essentially do your thing. I find it's an intriguing dynamic, everyone is relaxed and familiar with you but there's definitely a different type of pressure. 

Sophie and Jens, actually planned a spring theme for their wedding and judging from the weather over the last few years it really wasn't as far fetched as you would think. Usually from mid-March it's really warm and summery.. however being England, you can NEVER tell what the weather will throw and this year it was snow. Lots of soft-fluffy-nightmare to walk through in heels-snow. 

Having never shot a snow covered wedding before I was excited to see what I could capture, I wasn't however prepared for the cold! I'm really thankful that Sophie and Jens trusted me enough to allow me to capture their formals outside in a wonderland and for the rest of the female guests to sacrifice their feet for a few minutes as I coaxed everyone out from a warm lounge and got a group shot outside ;)

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I promise I won't leave it so long before the next blog post!


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