Flo & Steffi's Wedding - Day One :: Germany

This post is LONG long overdue. Can't believe that it's been over a year since Flo and Steffi's wedding. So.. here we go.

In May last year I had the honour of being flown to Germany to shoot Flo and Steffi's wedding. I didn't know either of them prior to this, it was actually Flo who found me online and after approaching me on twitter we formed a friendship. He later approached me with the idea of shooting his wedding and after  several skype calls and a spreadsheet (or two!) later I found myself in sunny Munich greeted by a friendly face and breathtaking views!

I was blown away by the ease in which Flo, Steffi and their charming group of friends allowed me into their most special day. I was in very good hands and I cannot stress how sweet and accommodating they were. Although sometimes I wished I understood German most of the time it was never difficult to guess what was being said amongst the group of friends and before long I was laughing along with everyone as they attempted to teach me typical Bavarian phrases (and of course some naughty phrases too) ;)

The wedding was split over two days. Here is Day One.. the registry and since we had some time some  group shots! I loved this couple and their family and friends. I hope you enjoy these as much as I loved taking them. 

Stay tuned for Day Two coming soon :) 


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